Where Diligence Meets Opportunity

We apply best-in-class due diligence and selection process to ensure that curated opportunities from top managers will make it into our clients’ portfolios.

2% hand-picked opportunities

Our rigorous onboarding and due diligence processes are characterized by Quantitative Data Driven Proprietary Scorecards that mitigates human bias and improves workflow efficiency. While we see hundreds of opportunities, our aim is to limit our selection to 2% of the best and hand-picked opportunities.

Market Analysis

We analyze global market trends and identify adequate strategy allocations.

  • Global Macro Environment
  • Thematic Trends
  • Supply & Demand Dynamics
  • Market Sentiment

Asset Managers

We filter out top tier asset managers specialists in the asset class / investment strategy opted for.

  • Deal Sourcing & Origination
  • Investment Strategy & Focus
  • Due Diligence
  • Value Creation Capabilities

Opportunity Selection

A detailed scorecard is applied to each opportunity to create standardized benchmark and comparable process.

  • Asset Class & Market Dynamics
  • Risk Return Profile
  • Legacy & Track Record
  • Sponsor & Management Team

Why invest in private markets?

Private markets, especially real estate, are characterized by inherent inefficiencies that offer distinctive investment opportunities. In contrast to the average equity mutual fund investor who sees about a 3.7% annual return, institutions like Yale's endowment, with a significant allocation in private markets, have achieved an impressive 13% annual return.
Unlike the stock market, where dense information and low transaction costs make it challenging to outpace the market, the limited availability of information in private markets provides a unique edge. This environment enables savvy investors to capitalize on information asymmetry, resulting in higher returns.
With a platform like Vennre, even those without vast industry experience can now tap into the lucrative potential of these inefficient markets, promising substantial portfolio growth.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vennre?

Vennre was launched in 2022 between London and Riyadh as the first cross-border private markets investment platform to offer a seamless experience to high earning professionals in the GCC. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the ecosystem, Vennre is developing a comprehensive solution that empowers individuals and financial intermediaries to participate in private markets with ease.

Who can use the Vennre solution?

In addition to high-earning professionals, Vennre is designed for financial intermediaries who want to improve the private investment choices they provide to their clients. Through the integration of technology, Vennre helps them streamline private market solutions, making investing simpler and more efficient for their clients.

What kinds of offerings can I expect on Vennre?

Vennre offers a diverse array of private market investment opportunities covering Real Estate, Private Equity, Private Debt and Venture Capital through funds and direct investments.

Are the opportunities Sharia’a compliant?

Vennre will offer both conventional and Sharia’a compliant private market investment opportunities.

How can I invest?

To invest, you can express your interest by registering through our website, and our team will contact you. Please note that at the moment it is an invitation-only process.