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We are seasoned investment professionals and passionate entrepreneurs.

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Technology meets private markets investing.

We  founded Vennre on a shared vision to simplify the approach to wealth and investment management through technology.
Starting with private equity real estate, we are transforming the else opaque and exclusive private investment markets (Real Estate, Private Equity, Private Credit and Venture Capital) are making them accessible to our peers and the larger audience of professionals and entrepreneurs in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.
For the majority of our careers we have been servicing the top 1% in identifying unique investment opportunities and growing their wealth. Technology has now made it feasible for any investor to access cross-border opportunities and participate in institutional grade deals in a transparent and efficient way.

What sets Vennre Apart

What distinguishes us is our expertise in both cross-border and localized solutions, seamlessly integrating technology, regulatory knowledge, and investment expertise to provide a unique value proposition.
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Cross Border

We are specialists in cross-border investments, proficient in navigating international markets and facilitating successful investment transactions across borders, tax and legal jurisidictions.
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A highly localized investment service offering Shariah-compliant solutions, delivered in the local language to cater to the specific needs and preferences of the region's investors.
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Mass Affluent

Embracing the Ascendant Mass Affluent Market in the MENA region, we recognize the untapped potential of a rapidly growing and financially emmancipated clientele.

Meet the founders

Vennre’s founders were brought together
by a common vision: to make private markets investing simple, accessible, and transparent.
Ziad and Anas are seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs with decades of combined experience in private equity, real estate finance, alternative investment and asset management.
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Anas Halabi

Co-founder & Head of Investments
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Ziad Mabsout

Co-founder & Head of Distribution

Our Values

Our core values underpin all aspects of our founders and the team and are at the very heart of what we do.
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We prioritize delivering an outstanding investing experience and paying close attention to the details. Our core business revolves around consistently earning trust every day.


We exist because we believe the status quo falls short. Our unwavering commitment is to revolutionize private markets investing through relentless efforts in leveraging technology.
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We uphold investor trust by practicing sound reporting, providing regular project updates, and fostering a culture of transparency among ourselves, our investors, and our partners.

Meet our team

We were brought together by a common vision: to make global private market
investing simple, accessible, and transparent.

Anas Halabi

Co-founder & Head of Investments

Ziad Mabsout

Co-founder & Head of Distribution

Maaged Mazyek

Chief Technology Officer

Ian Stevens

Head of Operations

Sara El Kotob

Investment Associate

Else Botsford


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