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Vennre is the Middle East's premier digital platform for cross-border investing. Request exclusive access to institutional-grade private market investment opportunities, sourced from top-tier investment and asset managers from around the world.

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Our Curated Strategies

We provide curated opportunities to fit any investment goal, and within two complementary strategies, to support the evolution of your portfolio throughout the investment lifecycle.
Commercial real estate

Income Strategies

Commercial Real estate is an ideal asset class for investors seeking stable, inflation adjusted cash flows and potential long-term growth through rental uplifts.
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Construction crane

Growth Strategies

While income-generating strategies tend to be more conservative and low-risk, growth strategies aim to maximize returns through capital appreciation and value creation.
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Our Investment Process

We source opportunities from top-tier global investment managers. Though we see hundreds of opportunities yearly, we select only 2-3% of the finest choices.
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Our investment team conducts extensive due diligence to identify asset managers with a proven track record of success and a strong alignment with our investment criteria and strategy.


Our team applies a detailed scorecard to evaluate performance, risk, and alignment of interest, enabling us to identify the best markets, managers and opportunities for investors.
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Our investment committee members bring diverse perspectives and expertise to the table, and all investment decisions are made through a collaborative and consensus-driven approach.

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Business newspaper

Demystifying Private Markets

Capital markets consist of two main segments: public markets and private markets. In contrast to public markets, where securities like stocks, bonds, REITs, and derivatives are traded on regulated exchanges, private markets encompass various asset classes that are not publicly listed.

Outdoor storage birds' view

Thinking outside the box: An intro to the IOS market

Industrial outdoor storage has gained significant traction as a sought-after property segment and has transitioned from a specialized market primarily dominated by small private investors and independent operators to an established commercial real estate asset class.

Burning money

With high returns on cash deposits, why risk money in private markets?

Cash savers are currently reaping the benefits of the highest returns seen in almost two decades, with some accounts offering interest rates exceeding 5%. As a result, individuals are increasingly turning to cash individual savings accounts (ISAs), committing more funds than in the past five years. However,the impact of inflation on the real value of savings must not be overlooked, prompting investors to explore alternative opportunities to optimize their returns.

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We were brought together by a common vision: to make global private market
investing simple, accessible, and transparent.

Anas Halabi

Co-founder & Head of Investments

Ziad Mabsout

Co-founder & Head of Distribution

Maaged Mazyek

Chief Technology Officer

Ian Stevens

Head of Operations

Sara El Kotob

Investment Associate

Else Botsford


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We are passionate private markets investors and want everyone to enjoy alternative asset classes together with us. With our distinct technology any person can now easily build a professional portfolio of high-quality global assets and see their wealth grow at their fingertips.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vennre?

Vennre was launched in 2022 between London and Riyadh as the first cross-border private markets investment platform to offer a seamless experience to high earning professionals in the GCC. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of the ecosystem, Vennre is developing a comprehensive solution that empowers individuals and financial intermediaries to participate in private markets with ease.

Who can use the Vennre solution?

In addition to high-earning professionals, Vennre is designed for financial intermediaries who want to improve the private investment choices they provide to their clients. Through the integration of technology, Vennre helps them streamline private market solutions, making investing simpler and more efficient for their clients.

What kinds of offerings can I expect on Vennre?

Vennre offers a diverse array of private market investment opportunities covering Real Estate, Private Equity, Private Debt and Venture Capital through funds and direct investments.

Are the opportunities Sharia’a compliant?

Vennre will offer both conventional and Sharia’a compliant private market investment opportunities.

How can I invest?

To invest, you can express your interest by registering through our website, and our team will contact you. Please note that at the moment it is an invitation-only process.