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Burning money

With high returns on cash deposits, why risk money in private markets?

Cash savers are currently reaping the benefits of the highest returns seen in almost two decades, with some accounts offering interest rates exceeding 5%. As a result, individuals are increasingly turning to cash individual savings accounts (ISAs), committing more funds than in the past five years. However,the impact of inflation on the real value of savings must not be overlooked, prompting investors to explore alternative opportunities to optimize their returns.

Ziad Mabsout
August 22, 2023
Business newspaper

Demystifying Private Markets

Capital markets consist of two main segments: public markets and private markets. In contrast to public markets, where securities like stocks, bonds, REITs, and derivatives are traded on regulated exchanges, private markets encompass various asset classes that are not publicly listed.

Ziad Mabsout
August 25, 2023
Outdoor storage birds' view

Thinking outside the box: An intro to the IOS market

Industrial outdoor storage has gained significant traction as a sought-after property segment and has transitioned from a specialized market primarily dominated by small private investors and independent operators to an established commercial real estate asset class.

Ziad Mabsout
August 24, 2023